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Feb 17, 2013 8:00am PST
the u.s. each year, but only 5% get out to audiences. the other 95% don't even get seen, not even on netflix. >> wow! >> well, are indy films changing? are they going the way of bigger pictures once they get that kind of attention? >> it is very common for people who start directing indy films and leap up and lead very big films. look at christopher knowles and -- nolan and the batman movies. >> so, is it like these are had great stories i will make and now i am making big money so i will write the junk because that is what sells? >> well, i would not necessarily say that. >> did sundance film festival change the game? >> sun dance film festival is the ground zero fountain head of independent movies in the united states. it has been around for 30 years and you can really trace the birth of independence films and the widespread acceptance by americans. >> let's go back to where we started. i am thinking a lot of people who want to make a film have vision, maybe they are brilliant and really, really talented, but the business side not so much. >> it could be a problem. >> yes. so, if y
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1